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Introduction to the construction project of 30million carton packaging plant

I. project introduction

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"hometown of Citrus in China" - Shimen County, Hunan Province, is the largest production and export base of early maturing tangerine in China. Taking smooth tensile samples as an example, the yield of Citrus ranks first in the country. It is the "national advantageous agricultural product area" (Citrus, February 2003) planned by the Ministry of agriculture. The existing planting area is 356000 mu (by the end of 2002), the annual production of fruits is about 300000 tons, and more than 30million 10 kg packaging boxes are needed every year. Since there are no large-scale and high-grade citrus packaging plants in the county and surrounding areas, for fear of poor contact between the samples and the anvil, more than 70% of the fruits are shipped in rough bamboo baskets, and even sold in bulk. The utilization rate of cartons is less than 20%, which seriously affects the image and sales price of fruits. It is imperative to build a new packaging plant, which is urgent

II. The project plan

is new, with an annual output of 30million and a total investment of 9million yuan (if the scale is reduced, the investment amount will be reduced accordingly)

III. economic benefit analysis

Shimen County is the "leading" citrus production area in China. It is located in the "heart" of the "citrus plate" covering an area of 7.6 million mu in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and north of Western Hunan, with strong radiation. Using carton packaging to improve the grade of fruits is the general trend, which is very in line with the national industrial and environmental protection policy of replacing wood with paper and bamboo. Moreover, citrus is developing rapidly and has a broad market prospect. If 30million cartons are sold at an average price of 3 yuan per carton, the annual output value can reach 90million yuan. If each carton earns a net profit of 0.5 yuan, the profit can reach 15million yuan. The investment can be recovered in the year when it is put into production. The non citrus carton season can produce cartons for various other purposes, and the mechanical equipment can operate at full capacity. The annual production can make profits every day

information source: Changde Shimen County business window local business window

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