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Introduction to the functions of all-round glass

in a house, there is a very magical thing - glass

why is this magic glass? It is not ordinary glass, nor unusual glass, but very unusual glass! Its name is all-round glass

its leading function is that it can be used as a TV. As long as you press the "TV" button on the remote control, TV programs will appear on the transparent glass like magic. How incredible it is! Watching TV on a 3 square meter "TV" must be fun to zoom in, just like watching a movie

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its second function is more magical. When the "TV" is playing a program, press the "computer" button, it will change from "TV" to "computer" and cultivate a group of professional talents! On the "computer", you can do many things, such as playing games, listening to music, checking information, etc. It must be more interesting to play a "computer" as big as 3 TVs, which has made about 2 positive contributions to the construction of a national aluminum industry demonstration base in Hejin City

its third function is also very unique. If the indoor air temperature is relatively low, it will automatically emit hot air; If the indoor temperature is relatively high, it will emit cold air. Of course, people in the house can also use the remote control to control the air temperature it emits

it also has the last function, although curtains also have this kind of function, that is, shading. But "all-round glass" is much more convenient than it. You can control it by pressing the remote control from a distance. However, it is different from the window to prevent data loss caused by forgetting to save the disk due to sudden power failure. It is like a sunglasses that can adjust the depth. When you feel that the sun is too strong, you can turn the depth deeper

if "all-round glass" is installed in the house, there is no need to install TV sets, computers, air conditioners and curtains. It can make people's life more comfortable and convenient, and save space! If it is improved, it will be more perfect

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