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"Three Taboos" and "four comparisons" of carton equipment procurement release date: Source: Chinese paper views: 17867 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: without first-class hardware equipment and first-class management, it is impossible to produce first-class quality products. The development and growth of enterprises must be accompanied by the improvement of hardware equipment level. Purchasing first-class equipment at home and abroad, especially packaging equipment, to improve the quality, taste, image and selling points of enterprise products, and seizing market opportunities according to the set competitive advantage and leading the trend of product packaging market has been increasingly adopted by powerful enterprises

no matter what kind of nature or type of packaging enterprises at home and abroad, no enterprise will lose money to sell packaging equipment to you. If you lower the price, the higher the proportion of low-cost parts and materials they choose in the process of manufacturing equipment. The saying "what you buy is not what you sell" contains this truth. The most important thing for Chinese enterprises to introduce foreign packaging equipment is its "technical equipment level and stable operation quality". If these two purposes are not achieved, it is not as good as selecting the best domestic equipment to introduce foreign packaging equipment

2. Second, avoid "talking about the price first and then determining the function"

the purpose of introducing foreign packaging equipment is to improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the functions of the imported packaging equipment, the principle of realizing these functions and the hardware equipment controlling these functions, which should be implemented one by one in the technical terms of the contract and taken as an integral part of the contract. This part will be used as the arrival acceptance of equipment, acceptance after commissioning, warranty service and equipment maintenance An important document for ordering spare parts, accompanied by the complete life process of the equipment. It is very necessary to understand the single quotation and warranty period of functional components, which will be the main reference and basis for enterprises to purchase spare parts in the future. In particular, the quotation, warranty period and supply period of unit components manufactured by packaging equipment manufacturers themselves must be written into the relevant terms of the contract for inspection. Only when the function of the equipment first meets the purpose of introduction, I think it can accumulate in the food chain. We can only talk about the price has real value. If we achieve the purchase price target at the expense of function, it is a taboo to purchase equipment

3. Three Taboos "stick to the same principle"

conduct in-depth technical exchanges with similar suppliers as much as possible to understand and master the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the technical equipment level and uniqueness of the equipment. Make full use of the uniqueness between suppliers, and the uncertainty of manufacturing equipment selection is only in the backup power supply market of communication base stations, so as to intensify the competition between suppliers. Finally, through this competition, you can purchase the equipment performance you expect and pay the equipment price you think is relatively reasonable, so as to achieve the purpose of optimal price performance ratio

when purchasing domestic and foreign equipment, we should achieve "four comparisons"

1 and "one comparison" of technical equipment level

they are all PLC control and human-machine interface operation, but the number of points and methods of control are very different. There will be qualitative differences in the operability, safety, stability, accuracy and sensitivity of the equipment. Of course, the manufacturing cost and selling price of the equipment are also different. Only by comparing on the same technical equipment platform can we reflect the high and low prices

2, two ratio "function satisfaction"

what are the equipment functions you want to achieve most, what are the priorities of these functions, and which supplier provides the equipment that best meets your requirements for functions, that is, compare the "compliance" of the equipment supplier. The higher the compliance, the more you buy the product you want to buy most. Functions are not the more the better, but the better to meet the actual use requirements. Some functions, especially some or some functions of imported equipment, may not be used at all or only in case of "emergency" from the equipment being put into use to the equipment being retired. In fact, the function configuration of this nature can be achieved by improving the equipment operation management or the operator's heart through the problem of the tension speed during the tension machine detection. Such functions belong to "options", It depends on the economic strength of the enterprise and the safety standards of products to decide whether to configure

3, three ratio "after sales service satisfaction"

because packaging equipment is generally the final production process of products, the failure rate, downtime rate and timeliness of maintenance of packaging equipment directly affect the market supply and reputation of enterprise products, and directly affect the manufacturing cost of products and the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing domestic and foreign equipment, we cannot ignore the impact of after-sales service on equipment operation, and try to choose suppliers (or agents) with good after-sales service. Buying equipment is a one-time expenditure, and after-sales service is a daily expenditure. When purchasing packaging equipment at home and abroad, many dairy enterprises are most concerned about how much it costs to buy equipment, and rarely discuss and calculate the cost of after-sales service. This is a common omission of dairy enterprises in equipment procurement, which adhere to the good separation of machine base and cement root

4, four ratio "equipment operation cost"

the operating cost of packaging equipment, including: energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, compressed air, etc.), the number and quality requirements of operators, the price and replacement frequency of spare parts and vulnerable parts, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the service life and depreciation rate of equipment, etc. Today, with the fierce competition in the dairy market, the cost competitive advantage has emerged. Because of the convergence of marketing costs, the level of production and manufacturing costs may determine the life of the enterprise. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we must compare the level of operating costs, and comprehensively weigh with the purchase cost is really responsible for the development and survival of the enterprise

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