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Function design of intelligent water supply system for health and energy saving in apartments

1 short message for repair

before each water boil, the boiler first carries out a white check of the system, and automatically sends a short message to notify the maintenance personnel if there is a fault. The communication technology adopts GSM communication, which has the following advantages:

(1) GSM covers a wide range, and the system can realize large-scale and long-distance data transmission

(2) wireless transmission is adopted, so no wiring is required, with less investment, fast construction and small maintenance

(3) accurate data transmission and strong anti-interference ability

(4) the GSM communication module is advanced in technology, reliable in operation, and easy to integrate with the monitoring unit to form II, nephew 0h, 4 terminals

to sum up, the characteristics of GSM communication also include the monitoring requirements for decentralized equipment for enterprises providing various raw materials and energy, such as mineral powder, coal coking, gas, electricity, water, etc., which are technically feasible. The circuit of GSM communication module is shown in Figure 3

2 liquid crystal display

the display circuit is shown in Figure 4. 12964 is a Chinese graphic LCD module, which can display the current system working state and the current boiler hot water temperature

3 system model

the cost of the system is similar to that of the current water supply system, but it has a high degree of automation and stable performance. This system heats water according to the predetermined amount and cooperates with instant water supply. The state has gradually increased its attention to the environmental protection and recycling industry. It can not only supply hot water all day, but also save water and electricity significantly. The system can automatically report for repair by SMS, call to collect the remaining water of the thermos, and supply hot water in layers. This saves water and energy, reduces the cost of water purification, facilitates students' life, and extends the service life of the boiler. The price per piece ratio is very high, which has a good broad prospect. The photo of the model is shown in Figure 5

the water supply of this system is divided into shutdown: when the injection molding cycle is interrupted, there are two ways of centralized water supply and immediate use and take, in which the centralized water supply is to pre order the water and boil the water quantitatively. The immediate use and take area is a full instant cold water heater, which can extract hot water all day. In this way, less energy is used to achieve the effect of heating water all day. And put an end to the phenomenon of "thousand boiling water" and drinking health and safety. Carry out system self-test before boiling water every time. If there is a fault, it will automatically send a message for repair in time and accurately locate it. There is no need for maintenance personnel to check it one by one. Collect the remaining water from the waste thermos, and draw them into the domestic water tank once a day to reuse them as domestic water. The system can save water and electricity by a large margin, and has more perfect functions. It can send messages for repair and waste water collection, so as to make the reading accurate, long service life, save water resources, and easy to use. It has a broad market application prospect

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