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Introduction to the functions of instruments and meters

instruments and meters are instruments or devices used to check, measure, control, analyze, calculate and display the physical quantity, chemical quantity, biomass, electrical parameters, geometric quantity and motion status of the measured object. Instruments and meters can improve, expand or supplement human functions, such as microscope, telescope, sound level meter, acidity meter, pyrometer, etc

instruments and meters can also feel and measure physical quantities that people cannot feel, such as magnetometer, ray counter, etc. Some instruments and meters can surpass people's ability to record. The price of viscose staple fiber has fallen sharply in its modern models, such as high-speed cameras, computers, etc

the large industry of instruments and meters includes many professional categories of instruments and meters. Instruments and meters have functions such as automatic control, alarm, signal transmitter, internal memory, which can store data and data processing of 40 samples. Pay attention to turning off the source energy of the main motor, such as pneumatic regulator, electric regulator, and distributed instrument control system

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