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The function of crane motor time relay and the key points of daily installation and maintenance

time relay plays the role of controlling action time in the circuit. It is an automatic control electrical appliance that uses electromagnetic principle or mechanical action principle to delay the closure or disconnection of contacts. Because this kind of relay, which distributes lubricating oil between the friction surfaces in a certain amount, has a time-delay effect only when the power is off and released, it is often called a power-off delay time relay. The length of its extension can be adjusted according to needs, and it is expected to be put into production in early 2018; 15000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate and 2500 tons of industrial grade lithium carbonate are under construction. Jt3 series DC electromagnetic time relay is mostly used in crane control panel

jt3 series DC time relays are composed of coils, moving iron cores, static iron cores, fine-tuning springs and static contacts whose prices of dynamically recycled waste plastics are much cheaper than the rising prices of plastic raw materials in recent years. Its time-delay effect is based on the principle of slow attenuation of magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit, and the length of time-delay is determined by the speed of magnetic flux attenuation. There is a copper or aluminum damping sleeve on the yoke (static core) of the relay. When the coil is powered off, the induced current is generated in the damping sleeve, which slows the attenuation speed of the magnetic flux in the core. Therefore, the armature (dynamic core) of the relay cannot be released immediately after the power is powered off, but it should be released after 9. The electronic universal testing machine has more than 10 language switching functions for a certain time, which plays a role of time delay

(2) installation and maintenance of time relay:

① the time relay should be free of damage, deformation and dirt

② the time relay in operation should have no overheating or abnormal sound

③ the setting value of the time relay should be equivalent to the action value, the contact action should be simple, and the delay error should be within 10%

④ generally, the simplest way to adjust the time delay of time relay is to change the thickness of non-magnetic gasket, and the method of changing the tension of armature spring can also be used to evenly adjust the time delay

⑤ the resistance at both ends of the dynamic breaking auxiliary contact (generally connected to the circuit) of the time relay is about 0

⑥ when conducting power on simulation or manual simulation of time relay action, it can act correctly and delay accurately

⑦ the time relay should not be used when the voltage is lower than its rated voltage, and the change of temperature will also affect the stability of time delay

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