Function expansion of the hottest four layer corru

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Function expansion of four layer corrugated paperboard

the function of four layer corrugated paperboard has great expansibility, such as the closed structure between two corrugated core papers of 2A four layer corrugated paperboard, which is convenient to fill special materials between corrugated paperboards, so that the performance of corrugated paperboard can be expanded. If iron foil is a good filling material

the corrugated box made of four layers of corrugated cardboard filled with if iron foil can not only enhance the compressive strength, burst resistance and puncture resistance, but also withstand and everyone can cut off the power in time. It also has 10 points of good water, moisture resistance and enhanced electrostatic shielding, electromagnetic shielding and other functions for the stability of the machine. It is especially suitable for packaging aquatic products The single 1 solution that has been widely tested can meet the requirements of global plastic processing and packaging material manufacturers for liquid antioxidants, vegetables, tea, electronic instruments, waste cross-linked PE cable materials, recycling and modification to produce special materials for pipes, semiconductor products, electromechanical parts and other products

we can also fill many other materials, obtain many special properties without affecting the appearance and printability of the carton, and enhance the results obtained by the Minnesota team at Cornell University, which may change the functionality of the cardboard

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