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The functional difference between the inspection plate and the marking plate

the inspection plate refers to the reference plane used by the production workshop or the measurement department for precision measurement; The scribing plate is the datum plane for scribing in production

although these two kinds of flat plates are datum planes, their machining methods, plane accuracy and functions are different. The working surface of the inspection plate specially used for the coloring method needs to be scraped and grinded; The working surface of the inspection panel for other purposes needs to be scraped, ground or grinded; It is enough to draw the sword light on the flat working face. It can be seen that the plane accuracy of the inspection plate is higher than that of the marking plate

the inspection plate plays the role of a reference positioning surface when detecting the flatness of the workpiece by the color coating method or as an auxiliary tool for inspection to realize various measurements; The marking plate plays the role of reference plane in the marking work

plates for special use

plates for special use include steel plates and grinding plates

steel flat plate is specially used for cold setting out or template trimming; Cast to avoid the use of iron plates as grinding plates after sand pressing due to impurities such as water, so as to become a tool for ultra precision machining. High flatness and small roughness can be obtained by grinding the workpiece surface after the plate grinding. This is because the grinding contraction experiment is an experimental method often used to study the properties of materials. After sanding (dry grinding) and sanding (wet grinding) on the surface of the flat plate, the surface has the ability to cut the workpiece sharply. At the same time, the shape accuracy of the flat plate itself is transferred to the workpiece, and the plastic deformation is processed into a very precise plane from large to small. Therefore, the grinding plate plays an important role in the precision manufacturing process

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