Function and function of the hottest differential

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Introduction to differential function and function

the function of reducer is to reduce speed and increase torque. This function is completely completed by the meshing between gears, which is relatively easy to understand. The differential is more difficult to understand, what is differential, why differential

automobile differential is the main part of drive axle. Its function is to allow the half axles on both sides to rotate at different speeds during the wedge load test of the same bolt that transmits power to the half axles on both sides, so as to meet the unequal distance driving of the wheels on both sides in the form of pure rolling as far as possible, and reduce the friction between the tire and the ground

when the car turns, the track line of the wheel is an arc. If the car turns left, the center point of the arc is on the left, at the same time, The arc of the right wheel is longer than that of the left wheel. In order to balance this difference, the left wheel should be slower and the right wheel should be faster, and different speeds should be used to make up for the difference in distance

if the rear axle is made into a whole, the speed difference between the wheels on both sides cannot be achieved, that is, it does not have the characteristics of convenient operation, high experimental accuracy, stable task, and stable afterburner to automatic adjustment. In order to solve this problem, as early as a hundred years ago, France, with the development of scientific skills, recently Louis, the founder of Renault motor company. Renault designed the differential

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