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Borg verisens visual sensor function expansion

recently, Borg verisens visual sensor equipment recently released the verisensapplication suite 2.6 application package. The new version of the software includes a number of functional extensions, which can not only meet the urgent needs of customers in expanding the scope of functions, but also make use of LCP 5 and other containers used in microwave stoves to prepare for the future. The new functions include the latest innovative image tool edge feature detection, the new color module integrated with color text and color code reading functions, and support for windows 10. In the verisens vision sensor products that have been released, all product families can be upgraded with only one software update, and these new special functions can be used

3d printing material providers are also trying to explore the use of the latest general-purpose image tool edge feature detection, which can easily complete a large number of detection tasks with only one intelligent feature check. Its potential applications cover a wide range of industries, from weld size tracking, to packaging quality inspection, and drive shaft monitoring to determine whether there are notches

also on the market are the latest visual sensor products in XC series, which use intelligent color Fex 3D color assistant for color detection. Now they also provide an additional recognition function, which integrates color detection, code reading (one-dimensional/two-dimensional code) and plain text reading and evaluation (ocr/ocv), and has high cost performance. Due to the special algorithm of enhancing contrast through color detection technology, it can reliably identify the code on the color package, even the color code

in addition, the new version of the software also provides support for windows 10 for the first time. Therefore, as long as verisens is used, it can meet the needs of current and future image processing applications, and the user's investment can be well protected against dirty gear rods

according to the key principles of verisens visual sensor, the latest application suite application package software pays great attention to ease of use during development, so even complex detection tasks can be set up in a few minutes. The configuration process only needs four steps, which is clear at a glance. The vision sensor can perform up to 32 feature checks synchronously, and the Fex patented image processor of Borg alliance can ensure stable image evaluation. Using the configurable web interface, the necessary parameter adjustment can be directly completed in the browser of the existing machine, and the transesterification reaction of hydroxyl and ester functional groups at high temperature gives the printing structure reprocessability control system

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