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According to the news on July 7, 2014, the cross-strait communication industry cooperation and exchange conference was opened at Beijing Jingdu Xinyuan Hotel, and a very conspicuous Communication Exhibition car was parked at the entrance of the conference hall. It was the protagonist of the 2014 large-scale Fiberhome communication tour. A tall customized RV was a different scene when it entered the car. The whole series of solutions of Fiberhome communication were displayed in the car, Solutions and related products in various fields, including optical communication, data communication, wireless communication, terminals, new services and so on, were displayed. Operators' experts who visited the exhibition vehicle also expressed great interest in the business display mode of beacon fire tour. Door-to-door service effectively ensured a good user perception of a type that is currently widely used

Fiberhome communications carried out a round of large-scale nationwide exhibition tour last year, which was recognized by operators who can achieve better development. On this basis, this exhibition tour has further expanded the geographical scope. Beijing is the fourth stop of Fiberhome exhibition tour. It has previously visited Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin, followed by Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai, and finally entered Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, There are 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in total. The theme of this tour is still the new choice of Fiberhome, showing operators the full set of solutions of Fiberhome and the new face of Fiberhome

highlight the intimate car exhibition experience

Fiberhome communication has always been based in Wuhan. Based on this, it radiates across the country and then expands the overseas market. Its business development model has very strong local characteristics. Compared with other telecom equipment manufacturers, Fiberhome communication is also taking its own unique development route, starting with optical communication and fully grasping the local advantageous resources, so as to develop and grow step by step with a very steady pace, As a central enterprise directly under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, the achievements of Fiberhome in recent years are also obvious to all. However, since the top-down implementation of management reform by Fiberhome communications in 2012, a series of changes have taken place within Fiberhome. After fully focusing on customer needs, more and more attention has been paid to user perception

from the large-scale exhibition tour of Fiberhome, we can clearly feel the change of customer service mode of Fiberhome. The clean and bright exhibition vehicles have fresh and unique layout and large space, which will not make people feel crowded. There is not only a full set of equipment solution display, but also a projection wall to facilitate the display of various ppt contents and provide customers with diversified communication methods, The orderly costumes and good mental outlook of the commentators also make the on-site customers have a very comfortable visiting experience. An on-site visiting customer also said that the visiting experience in the Fiberhome tour car even exceeded its booth visiting experience in large-scale exhibitions. From the design and layout of this exhibition car, we can see that beacon fire has been very careful in the detailed arrangement of the exhibition tour, and has indeed achieved good display results

it is also worth mentioning that the large-scale exhibition tour of Fiberhome effectively shortens the communication distance between Fiberhome and local operators. Through the door-to-door service mode of exhibition vehicles, it helps local operators to understand Fiberhome's products and solutions closely, and also strengthens customer cooperation and improves their brand image. Beacon has become more and more aware of the customer service model

market share to a higher level

in the on-site explanation of Fiberhome experts, we also learned that Fiberhome's market share in the operator's market has reached a higher level, especially in the backbone, metropolitan area, access and other optical network related fields, and Fiberhome's proportion in the operator's centralized procurement has made a big breakthrough. A China Unicom expert also said that Fiberhome has developed very well in recent years, and its product competitiveness has also improved significantly, seizing a lot of market share. In the field of optical communication, Fiberhome communication has deeply cultivated the high-speed railway spiral reinforcement, which is a kind of ribbed reinforcement dedicated to the high-speed railway, and has established its dominant position in the domestic market. It has also taken this opportunity to compete with Huawei, ZTE and other manufacturers to occupy a leading position in many optical communication markets. At the same time, Fiberhome has expanded outward based on this. At present, it has formed a comprehensive industrial layout, and wireless communication, terminals, services and other fields have also begun to emerge

after passing the total revenue of 10billion yuan in 2013, Fiberhome communication will enter a new stage of development. By implementing a series of reform measures, Fiberhome communication is serving customers with a new attitude. Fiberhome communication has always adhered to the principle of mastering independent knowledge. Klaus Maffei will show the development principle of the property rights of a series of components used for tractor side covers, and maintain a large proportion in technology research and development. At present, it has been in the 100g Technological breakthroughs have been made in such frontier fields as OTN and optical fiber preform. Relevant products have been commercialized by operators. The future development prospect of Fiberhome is still very promising, which is also significantly reflected in the capital market

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