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Dairy packaging design innovates in integration the integration theorists of packaging design point out that packaging design involves graphic design, product positioning, advertising planning, marketing and consumption, while the research on TC6 alloy plate is less psychological and other related disciplines. In terms of technology, it is also affected by factors such as material, modeling, plate making and printing, and the specialization of division of labor leads to a higher and higher threshold of technology, It also makes designers have fewer and fewer opportunities to understand upstream and downstream technologies. There are many designers who are not familiar with relevant theories and technologies. Some designers deliberately highlight their personality consciousness and design some "subversive" creative works. General designers can only cater to the wishes of the "boss", and their works are actually the embodiment of the "boss" 'personal aesthetic taste. Some enterprises even entrust several packaging material factories to design and manufacture, and the standard is "good-looking". These "packages" are put together like a broken mirror, making people unable to see the overall image

the concept of packaging design integration should actually come from "integrated marketing communication (IMC)". In China, IMC is defined in the category of advertising and communication, probably because this book appears as an advertising Series in both the mainland and Taiwan. The essence of IMC is to turn to consumer orientation more thoroughly and rebuild the overall framework of marketing. In this sense, "packaging design integration" is the application or extension of "integrated marketing communication" theory. Its essence is to make packaging designers and packaging owners abandon their self-awareness, think more from the perspective of direct consumers, integrate relevant resources and interests, and create value for customers

as a professional dairy packaging service provider, Wanrong packaging has won the recognition of customers by providing simplified packaging products, based on its own advantages in the centralized area, the combination of aluminum based new material industry characteristics and excellent product cost performance in the context of the booming dairy market. When the dairy market is becoming more and more mature, and the materials and forms of dairy packaging are becoming more and more homogeneous and simplified, the quality and price differences of packaging products are becoming smaller and smaller. How will our service value continue to improve? This has always been a subject we are trying to explore. Through extensive exchanges with dairy customers, we all feel that packaging design is almost a common problem among us. There are always intangible shackles among dairy enterprises, packaging design and packaging material enterprises. It is difficult to effectively integrate resources, resulting in too much waste of time and money, and the final result is difficult to satisfy all parties. Packaging design integration is an effort to further extend the service field and enhance the customer service value, which must reach the strength of packaging materials

at present, China's dairy industry is entering a period of vigorous development. At the same time, it is also a period of great integration of silk oil filters, which can be seen from the entry of various capitals, the horizontal expansion and vertical development of major brands. New dairy enterprises are establishing their own brand strategies, and some well-known brands are also facing strategies to further expand or adjust their products and brands. Packaging design integration is undoubtedly an inevitable trend of market change and development. It will have a huge and far-reaching impact with minimal investment

(the author is the general manager of Hunan Wanrong Packaging Co., Ltd.)

mingguoying China packaging industry - 2006 issue 6

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