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Innovation in the design form of food packaging bottles

the vast majority of beverages, Oils and condiments are packaged in bottles. At present, new bottle packaging technologies emerging in the world include:

◎ polyester oxygen controlled fresh-keeping bottles

American scientists have invented a method, that is, using the isoionic vapor precipitation technology to form a soft polyester film outside the plastic bottle, which can keep the food in the bottle fresh. This plastic surface coating can reduce oxygen by more than 10%. The coating is similar to quartz, with a thickness of less than 3 mm, and the plastic bottle is in. No special treatment is required for recycling

◎ self heated sake tank

a kind of sake produced in Japan has a interlayer at the lower fifth of the tank, which is filled with quicklime. The accuracy of parameter testing is generally required in various experimental specifications at present to be no less than 1/3 of the allowable error of experimental conditions, and is sealed in a small bag of water in a plastic film. Before drinking, as long as a "attached" plastic stick is poked into the hole in the lower part, the water will immediately mix with quicklime to produce a lot of heat. It only takes 3 minutes to warm a can of sake to 58 ℃

◎ self discharging seasoning bottle

a seasoning bottle for vinegar, soy sauce, etc. in Japan, there is a small hole on the bottle body, and a button controls its switch. When pouring out, you can press the button with your finger, the outside air enters the bottle, and the contents flow out of the energy source; As soon as the finger is loosened, the button will automatically block the air inlet due to the action of the spring, and the inner device will not flow out

Recently, a company in Alameda, California, USA has successfully developed an artificial gill that can resist oil and corrosion. It is a device that can extract oxygen from seawater. The device works with a molecule that acts similarly to lobar hemoglobin and can be tightly attached to any oxygen molecule that meets it. The company and the enterprises producing beer bottle caps jointly developed and produced a beer bottle cap with hemoglobin like substance inside. Cover it on the beer bottle to draw out the oxygen mixed into the bottle to prevent the beer from losing freshness due to oxidation

◎ thermosensitive color bottle

ansa bottle manufacturing company of the United States introduced a new thermosensitive plastic bottle. Parents only need to look at the bottle to know whether the milk inside is too hot. This bottle has four colors. When the temperature reaches 31 ℃, the milk is suitable for infants. If the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the bottle turns white, which means that the milk in the bottle is too hot. After the milk in the bottle cools, the bottle will return to its original color. This feature is obtained by injecting heat sensitive chemical elements into polyethylene for bottle making

◎ automatic heating instant noodle can

Japan Riqing food company and Nippon Steel Company have developed an automatic heating instant noodle can. The can uses the metal oxidation mechanism to make the freeze-dried noodles in the can be cooked within 5 minutes. The automatic heating can is convenient for outdoor workers and tourists

◎ humanized packaging bottle

humanized packaging bottle produced by Kraft food company of the United States and awarded the packaging award by the Atlanta condiment Association. The bottle has a unique wide mouth design. The 1-gallon HDPP plastic bottle adopts a finger groove handle, which is easy to grasp the knob type wide mouth cover design and easy to dump. This bottle is designed by Kraft company and manufactured by liquid container packaging company using extrusion blow molding technology. It replaces the original one gallon, press button round bottle. The commercial director of product classification of kraft food company said: "the previous round bottle design was easy to contaminate the bottle after pouring liquid seasoning or jam. When it is used next time, it will not only feel that the bottle is smooth and can not be held, but also contaminate the hands." The new bottle adopts a square design, and the pouring part at the bottle mouth adopts a funnel-shaped design. The two sides form a V-shape. This conical design helps to guide the smooth outflow of liquid products and avoid fouling the bottle

◎ packaging bottles made of corn

the bottled mineral water plant in Colorado recently announced that the packaging bottles of bottled water produced by the plant are made of corn starch, which can be decomposed 100% without any impact on the environment. The packaging bottle made of corn can be completely decomposed after 70 days. The pure mineral water sold by the company took 10 years to find in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. Therefore, it is necessary to match this kind of water with special packaging bottles in order to gain a foothold in the highly competitive bottled water market in the United States

a chemical company extracted a substance called multiple emulsion acid from corn and used it to make packaging bottles, and then added a waterproof coating to maintain the shape and concentration of the bottles. Such bottles can be completely decomposed after 75 to 80 days under appropriate conditions. The research points out that, with the global oil price rising, the containers made of corn starch will be favored because of its environmental protection characteristics

it is reported that there are 60 kinds of bottled water in the U.S. market. About 95billion empty bottles are sent to waste disposal sites for landfilling every year, and the use of biodegradable packaging bottles will play a positive role in environmental protection

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