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Innovation of Baijiu brewing equipment and control

1 mechanization of Baijiu production

the workshop operation of traditional Baijiu technology seriously restricts the scale of production. In the process development of rice flavor and black bean flavor, a set of mechanized operation system of saccharification, fermentation and steam distillation combining solid and liquid fermentation has been established, which greatly saves human resources, Moreover, the white operators of these innovative flavor types can clearly observe the experimental process, and the wine is more easily accepted by the Southeast Asian and international markets

2 digital control and management of brewing process

digital brewing mode: starting from the monitoring of seven factors, such as temperature (pit entry temperature), grain (pit entry starch concentration), water (pit entry moisture), koji (Daqu dosage), acid (pit entry acidity), bran (if the pressure sensor is installed on the measuring oil circuit of the original display dial), and grains (grain to grain ratio), find out the different seasons The best parameter combination under different conditions, the balance point of yield and quality was established, and a standardized brewing mode was formed

digital cellar management mode: starting from the entry of the standing book of raw and auxiliary materials input into each cellar, establish the digital archives of the cellar, use the solenoid valve, silicon controlled relay, metering pump, process control system, establish the microcomputer terminal system, establish the real data of the production process, long service life and other characteristics, establish accurate management for the material allocation, and create scientific management measures for China's liquor industry

3 digital management system for Baijiu blending process

from the perspective of physical, chemical and chromatographic composition statistics input and processing of original liquor, basic liquor, flavoring liquor, finished liquor, etc., establish liquor body fingerprint, expert evaluation and other systems, greatly reduce the workload of manual data query, control blending costs, stabilize product quality, and provide a scientific basis for the transformation of blending talent training from empirical to digital, Establish a scientific theoretical system for the blending of Chinese Baijiu. (end)

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