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Innovation of tobacco packaging technology in order to speed up the pace of innovation of tobacco packaging technology, comprehensively display the current situation and development trend of cigarette box packaging in China's tobacco field. Relevant departments have conducted extensive and in-depth investigations on tobacco packaging in 25 domestic tobacco enterprises. Some main data and characteristics are obtained, and the causes of this phenomenon and its impact on cigarette case packaging and printing enterprises are analyzed

1. The tobacco industry has been restructured, gravure printing has shown its advantages, offset printing has remained stable, and combined printing is becoming more and more popular; The reorganization of the tobacco industry makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker in the field of tobacco and cigarette packets; Under the background of enterprise restructuring and brand integration, gravure printing will get more space to display, offset printing will remain relatively stable, and combination printing is becoming more and more popular

2. Middle grade cigarette packs were transplanted with high-grade cigarette pack technology, and the pace of technological innovation of high-grade cigarette packs was accelerated.

nearly 80% of the surveyed enterprises regard middle-grade cigarettes as the focus of current or future research, development and production; While the quality of mid-range cigarettes is improving, the products also tend to be high-grade. 70% of the surveyed enterprises said that the company attached great importance to its R & D and innovation in high-end cigarette products

3. Please turn off the power supply. Environmental protection, safety and hygiene are deeply concerned. Prevention of odor and proper packaging are widely valued.

85% of the surveyed enterprises said that the company has increasingly high requirements for environmental protection, safety and hygiene of cigarette labels; Nearly 70% of the surveyed enterprises said that in the future, the company will choose more non-toxic and pollution-free packaging materials that comply with "3r+1d" such as white cardboard and transfer paper; Environmental friendly inks, adhesives, printing methods and production processes are also the focus of major tobacco enterprises

4. Cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting and cost control. Tobacco enterprises are facing two major problems

infrared stealth of devices can be realized. 70% and 50% of enterprises respectively believe that it is more important to lay a good foundation for the "new hardware era". At present, cigarette bag anti-counterfeiting and packaging cost control are two major topics that enterprises pay attention to in packaging. Anti counterfeiting is more reflected in medium and high-grade cigarettes, while the cost is focused on low-grade cigarettes; Various innovative anti-counterfeiting technologies are being continuously applied to medium and high-grade cigarette packs

5. The brand characteristics of cigarette labels have become more and more obvious, and the requirements for cigarette packaging have been rising

80% of the surveyed enterprises believe that in the era of brand economy, the expressiveness of cigarette labels will become more and more prominent, and therefore, cigarette factories have higher and higher requirements for suppliers; The high quality requirements of cigarette packs are not only reflected in paper and ink, but also in packaging and decoration, printing technology and process

6. Cigarette bag production equipment and process favored by cigarette factory (1) prepress field: proofing, color management software and CTP technology

(2) printing field: in addition to the drum rotary intaglio printing machine and sheet fed offset printing machine which occupy the main position, the sheet fed intaglio printing machine with printing functions such as embossing, glazing and UV decorative ink of other printing processes; Flexible, high-speed, fully functional and efficient roll gravure press + on-line shaftless transmission equipment; High speed flexographic printing machines and combined printing production lines are popular

(3) post press field: die cutting machines, bronzing machines and printing inspection equipment with high automation, high precision and good stability are widely welcomed

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