Hong Kong superstar Xiang Hailan joins hands with

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On May 20, the imperial concubine arrived. Xiang Hailan visited Zhanjiang in person and opened a new round of surprise offers with de Ville! In many film and television works, she has brought exquisite performances to the majority of fans and left a deep impression. She is the scheming Jin ChuChu in the headless East Palace, Yang Yuhuan in the Yang Guifei, and song yunshang in the rouge powder. At that time, she will make a stunning appearance, not only to have zero distance contact with you, but also to bring you good gifts

champion customized package, follow your heart

whole house package and exclusive package, with various combinations and choices. You can choose any one, and there is always one that suits your heart

there are not only stars on the scene, but also the new products of this year's beauty burst table brought by the whole house customization of Deville, which makes you refreshing

Notting Hill series

pure white is as clean and elegant as winter snow. Ochre is gently dotted with this piece of white, from simple to complex, from the whole to the part, carefully carved, so that every piece of furniture shows elegant taste

bookish ink series

exquisite Chinese style carvings coupled with warm light white, elegant and gentle, give the whole space a flexible ancient charm. The cabinet door panel retains the style of traditional Chinese doors and windows, continues the beauty of Chinese style, and makes the whole space full of ancient charm

there are superstars, discounts and gifts. What are you waiting for? On May 20, hurry to the scene and get up high with us! (this activity is only limited to Zhanjiang area, and other areas are subject to store display)




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