Warm pictures of modern simple style walls

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On the plain gray wall, a large area is painted with light gray flower patterns, which warm and vividly decorate the originally monotonous and empty wall, giving people a strong visual impact and maintaining harmony with the overall style of the room

whether you stick beautiful wall stickers or paint vivid patterns on the wall, the original monotonous wall will have a unique artistic temperament. Nowadays, naturalism is popular. Natural elements such as vines, flowers and butterflies return gracefully this season, and the silhouette effects of flowers, birds and plants are also popular. When these beautiful patterns with complex or fresh lines or rich colors climb the blank wall that needs decoration most, it is like putting beautiful clothes on the wall, bringing a fresh and pleasant feeling to the room

the decoration pays attention to personality and preferences. Various clocks and watches are nailed to the wall. The gray wall surface no longer looks rigid, with some childlike shapes, simple lines, humorous and interesting, making people happy, and the wall surface also becomes fresh

wall stickers are the most convenient to use, and it is also convenient to change the "wall" and face. The stickers can be torn off and replaced in a short time without leaving a trace. Large wall paintings are both innovative and highly decorative, but this wall decoration technique needs to be based on an open space





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