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What can't be saved in house decoration? A few key points tell you that many working-class people who are facing the delivery of houses have this idea. Most of the money in their hands has been paid as the down payment. In fact, in the process of decoration, some flashy decorations can indeed be omitted, but some functional and practical necessary steps must be carefully worked out, so that we can live safely and use conveniently, Let's take stock of the home decoration plays that should not be saved


in the process of decoration, the transformation of waterway circuit is a major expense. Wires and water pipes are also a relatively large expenditure. Many people are also careful in this expenditure with the idea of one province to the end. They don't pay attention to quality but only price, which is a major mistake. If the quality of wires and water pipes is not up to standard, using some low-quality products to rush things, or buried deep in the ground, or blocked into the wall, it will bring great potential safety hazards to future life. When buying wires and water pipes, the working class should not lower the standard, but should buy high-quality wires and water pipes to ensure safety

“ In addition to the requirements for wires and water pipes, the reconstruction drawings of waterways and circuits cannot be saved. Once the house needs to be renovated, these drawings can avoid damaging wires and water pipes and ensure the safety of reconstruction& rdquo; At present, the chief designer of decoration, Jiang Yan, said

ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles are a relatively large expenditure in the process of decoration. The price of ceramic tiles on the market is hundreds of yuan per piece, while the cheaper ones are less than one yuan per piece. Many people think that ceramic tiles are all porcelain, which makes little difference if they are better or worse& ldquo; The ceramic tile itself is easy to wear. Poor quality ceramic tiles are not only low in wear resistance, but also non slip, which is very easy to cause accidental injury& rdquo; Hu Jinqiu, the manager of Mona Lisa tile Eurasia store, said in an interview with reporters that some inferior tiles are artificially added with a lot of zircon sand in order to increase brightness. The content of natural radioactive elements in zircon sand is relatively high, which is easy to damage the immune function of the human body

in addition, the quality of Tilers directly determines the quality of ceramic tile projects. The tiles pasted by skilled Tilers not only have flat surfaces, uniform gaps, but also have no hollows. Avoid blindly saving money when choosing bricklayers, leaving regrets for future life


for the painting of indoor walls, many people with the idea of saving money for decoration are “ Scrape white ” It also takes a lot of brain cells. Compared with latex paint white, the price difference between porcelain imitation white and latex paint white on the market is 5-10 times. For a house with an area of 80 square meters, it costs 500-800 yuan to scrape porcelain imitation white, and 4000-5000 yuan to scrape latex paint white. Calculate the account, it is still cost-effective to imitate porcelain white! Actually not! Latex paint white is not only much higher than porcelain imitation white in environmental protection coefficient, but also durable and rub resistant. What can't be saved in house decoration? I'll tell you some key points. Many latex paints are still as bright as new after repeated scrubbing, and do not change color for more than ten years, which is not available in imitation porcelain white. For people who want to save money, we can reduce the wall modeling, but in the wall treatment, for our physical and mental health, from a long-term perspective, emulsion paint is still worth choosing


many people think that supervision is prepared for those who are busy at ordinary times and have no leisure time to supervise. They have enough time, so why spend that money. For those who are busy and have no time to supervise the work, it is imperative to ask for supervision, but for those who have time, is it not necessary to ask for supervision? Of course not. People engaged in supervision in all walks of life are proficient in this field. Supervisors can supervise the whole process of workers' construction from a professional point of view. The effect of this is much better than that of a layman who either stops foolishly or instructs at the scene. In addition, supervision has a great deterrent to a certain extent, which can also urge workers to complete all construction with quality and quantity as soon as possible





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