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How about side suction range hood? The answer is yes. The side suction machine is a product developed in recent years, which changes the design of traditional smoke machine and the way of smoke extraction, sucks away the smoke from the side, and basically achieves the effect of removing the smoke. After many people buy side suction range hoods, cleaning has become a nuisance

[installation height of side smoking machine] installation height of side suction range hood how to clean side suction range hood

the kitchen uses a range hood, which feels much cleaner, but it's terrible to see the range hood again after a certain time. It's not easy to clean the range hood, so I'm going to tell you the cleaning method of side suction range hood today, so as to help you

advantages of side suction range hood

the oil smoke separation and purification effect of the close suction range hood with oil smoke separation plate has reached 90%, and the inner wall of the machine and the fan will not accumulate oil, so it is convenient to clean. The external edge of the side suction type is about 20 to 40 cm, which will not produce a sense of depression and is not easy to meet

installation height of side suction range hood

the installation height of side suction range hood is generally 30cm-45cm, and the specific and accurate height should be judged according to the smoking intensity of the range hood itself, which has a certain relationship with the actual size of the cabinet at home, the model of the range hood, and your personal height

cleaning position of side suction range hood

to clean the side suction range hood, you first need to understand the parts that need to be cleaned, mainly including four parts, namely, the body, leaf fan, oil net and oil storage box. Secondly, you need to prepare all the cleaning tools, which are generally soap, detergent, rags and brushes. Finally, the four parts of the side suction range hood are cleaned

how to clean the side suction range hood

first of all, let's clean the body of the range hood. It's generally more convenient to clean the body. As long as you apply the wet rag evenly with detergent, then wipe the body, and finally wipe it dry with the wet rag, but there is a small burglary door here, that is, if you want to have a good oil removal effect, you'd better use a hot wet rag when cleaning

secondly, when cleaning the fan blades of the range hood, generally use the range hood purifier, cover the range hood and the following table with a newspaper, spray the range hood on the fan blades, wait a few minutes, open the engine cover, and remove the oil stains with the help of the centrifugal force of the fan

third, the cleaning of the contralateral suction range hood is also relatively simple. Generally, take a screwdriver to remove the oil net, then spray the "oil fume net" on the oil net, put the oil net sprayed with "oil fume net" into a plastic bag, take it out after a quarter of an hour, and finally put it into hot water at about 80 ℃ and clean it with a rag; In the cleaning of the opposite side suction range hood, the easiest place to clean is the oil storage box. When you see oil stains in it, you can take it down and clean it. If it's troublesome to clean it often, you can also attach a piece of fresh-keeping film to the box. In this way, as long as you change it regularly, you can save the trouble of cleaning

after reading the above content, I believe everyone understands the specific situation of the cleaning method of side suction range hood. I hope the introduction of Xiaobian can help you and solve problems for many housewives





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