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The wardrobe is the main furniture used to store clothes and accessories. I never wanted to pay attention to Feng Shui in the setting of the wardrobe, and my knowledge is still great. The geomantic display of the wardrobe is definitely the most neglected furniture geomantic display. In fact, the geomantic arrangement of the wardrobe also has a considerable knowledge; Because clothes are indispensable items in our life, which reflects the importance of the wardrobe

1. Bedroom wardrobe placement

bedroom wardrobe placement in geomantic omen, the general wardrobe should be placed on the left side of the bed, which is in line with the Yang of the green dragon position. The dressing table higher than the white tiger position on the right side can maintain a strong Yang and make you prosperous

2. The orientation of the bedroom wardrobe

the orientation of the bedroom wardrobe is selected according to the orientation of the bedroom door. If the bedroom door faces north, the light color wardrobe should be selected, which can be placed at the corner of the wall. It is forbidden to have too much reflective decoration

3. The relationship between the bedroom wardrobe and the bed

the bedroom wardrobe should be placed at a certain distance from the bed. From the perspective of life, it is convenient to walk in the bedroom and the air is smooth. From the perspective of geomantic omen, it is conducive to the daily life of the residents, and avoid bumping when getting on and off the bed; Objects with a sense of oppression should not exist above the bed, so that people who rest on the bed can be physically and mentally happy

4. The bedroom wardrobe is equipped with a mirror

if your bedroom wardrobe is equipped with a dressing mirror, do not put the dressing mirror of the bedroom wardrobe against the bedroom window and bedroom door, otherwise it will form a light evil, affect the sleep quality, and is not conducive to health

5. The color of the bedroom wardrobe

the color of the bedroom wardrobe should be consistent with the bedroom finishing style. It should not be too strange. It should maintain a sense of unity visually

6. Bedroom wardrobes are full of Yang in the room

for bedrooms with dressers, you can balance them with tall bedroom wardrobes. Because the dressing table is generally used by women, which is negative, the dressing table should be placed in the white tiger position on the right, which is negative. The dressing table is placed on the right side of the bed, and the wardrobe is placed on the green dragon position on the left side of the bed, which can maintain the balance of the bedroom, making the bedroom full of Yang, prosperous population and smooth financial luck

7. Do not put sundries in the bedroom wardrobe

the wardrobe is one of the larger furniture in the bedroom. It has a large space and a lot of storage. Therefore, many people fill the handshake wardrobe with old books and magazines in order to make the whole bedroom look neat. The wardrobe is disordered for a long time, which will produce a damp air, affect the smoothness of the air in the bedroom, and then affect the master's mood, and even the master's rational thinking ability





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