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Beverage packaging market (Part 2)

IV. from the perspective of packaging concept

1. Personalized

Watson distilled water manufacturer with a history of 100 years launched a new packaged water in 2003. Once it is listed, its fresh new packaging will brighten the eyes of consumers. The streamlined bottle body, simple and fashionable green packaging and unique double bottle cap design turn the simple "water" into a product with unique fashion taste and personal style. As we all know, today's Chinese people like to buy food in supermarkets, which is convenient for purchase, but it is precisely in supermarkets that similar foods are often placed together. At this time, what can attract the attention of consumers most is packaging in addition to the brand and quality of products. Products with strong packaging impact can often affect consumers' purchase awareness. It is precisely because of this that major businesses have found out that they have begun to dig their brains in packaging, strive to attract consumers with pleasing packaging, and take the lead in the competition of similar products

Coca Cola, a world-famous beverage brand, has always regarded its packaging personality and brand as a direct relationship, which can be found by careful consumers. Although every time it is reflected in the change of outer packaging design is not too great, each change can cause market shock. On the day that BOCOG announced the new emblem of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 1 million Coca Cola limited and exquisite commemorative cans with the new emblem were officially launched. It took Coca Cola less than a month to complete the product design and official launch. The efficiency of its work is amazing. Coca Cola has therefore become the first company among the top sponsors of the Beijing Olympic Games to be authorized to use the new Olympic emblem. The design of the commemorative pot integrates the Beijing Olympic logo, Beijing, China elements, sports elements and grand event elements, outlines the athletes' heroic posture on the field with the strokes and concepts of the new emblem, and integrates the famous building Temple of heaven in Beijing, highlighting the strong regional characteristics of Beijing. Let its sales to a higher level

According to statistics, there are about 300 sets of aseptic packaging equipment in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million tons. More than 80% of the world's aseptic packaging, accounting for only more than 50% of the world's aseptic packaging, accounting for more than 10 billion of the world's aseptic packaging. Swedish tetra pack company, American International pager company and German pkl company are the three giants in the field of carton aseptic packaging

with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for milk, fruit juice and fruit juice drinks is bound to increase greatly. The continuous emergence of new large, medium and small food enterprises will promote the further development of sterile packaging. In many products, such as Tetra Pak bags, roof bags and polyester bottles, the packaging cost is high, which is not suitable for the economic status of ordinary families in China, while small bags of sterile milk are not. Their price is cheaper, the product flavor is good, and they are stored for a long time at room temperature. Manufacturers and shopping malls will also welcome this kind of equipment and products. The product not only overcomes the limitation of production area, but also removes the cold chain required in the transportation process, which is conducive to market expansion. The successful development of aseptic milk equipment in China marks another major breakthrough in aseptic packaging technology and brings broader prospects for the market

at the latest Dusseldorf international packaging Expo, an obvious trend is that aseptic filling will be popular, which can meet the packaging needs of non aerated drinks. Nowadays, drinks based on fruit, milk, tea or coffee are widely loved. They are mostly brick packaged because the instantaneous heat treatment process eliminates the need for preservatives. Now, Italy's leading manufacturers have developed an innovative bottle "dry" sterilization process, avoiding the use of special fungicides and subsequent flushing, so that standard PET plastic bottles can be used instead of aseptic filling and production with bottles blown with special plastic materials with high heat resistance requirements

3. Intellectualization

the so-called intelligent packaging refers to the packaging with the functions of "identification" and "judgment" of environmental factors. At present, the intelligent packaging developed is usually made of functional materials and packaging materials such as photoelectric, temperature sensitive, humidity sensitive and gas sensitive. It can identify and display some important parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, sealing degree and time of packaging micro space. This is a promising functional packaging, which is particularly important for packaging products that need long-term storage

the commercialization of the first special beverage packaging in Japan has shown that probiotic components (such as bacteria) can prevent infection caused by harmful microorganisms. This kind of packaging may have a future all over the world. The invention can be used in various products. From yogurt and sports drinks to bottled water. This packaging is characterized by the injection of protozoa before drinking. Due to improper or excessive diet, the human body lacks this kind of bacteria. Supplement this kind of bacteria to help digestion. This package has a cover called life top. Developed by Sweden biogaia biological company, it was first used in sports drinks. The life top cover looks like a sports push-pull latch. Made of high density polyethylene and polypropylene. The aluminum cover with plastic coating is equipped with freeze-dried reuteri. It is sealed in the lower part of the cover. The bottle is a PET bottle with a 28mm bottleneck. When drinking, first remove the protective sleeve or ring on the piston sleeve. Press the upper part of the deformation measurement principle of the cover electronic universal testing machine. When the cover is pressed, a mechanism pierces the sealed aluminum platinum, and a small amount of reuteri tablets enter the beverage. Shake the bottle to dissolve the reuteri tablets in the beverage and activate the protozoa. Pull the upper part of the cover back to drink, and then close the cover after drinking

4. Functional

functional packaging is a scientific method to solve the packaging problems related to content. An example of functional packaging is the corrosion resistance of liquid packaging boxes. The application of such packaging can keep perishable products fresh for a longer time. For example, adding a special cover on the fruit juice packaging box and heat sealing treatment can prolong the shelf life and taste of fruit juice

a Japanese company has launched an antiseptic paper that can be used for food packaging. Its production process is: first immerse the base paper in an ethanol solution containing 20% succinic acid, 33% sodium succinate and 0.07% sorbic acid, and then dry it. The food packed with brine can be stored at 38 ℃ for 3 weeks without changing its quality. A new type of packaging paper produced by a Japanese company can prevent food from mildew and deterioration for a long time without damaging food flavor. The paper is made by dissolving the special monoglyceride with its compounds, dissolving it as an effective component in the aqueous solution of water and ethanol, spraying or wetting on the paper, and finally heating and drying. It can be used to package all kinds of food

in order to maintain the freshness of fruits, Singapore has developed and produced a kind of fresh-keeping packaging paper, which has antibacterial and bactericidal agents. The apples stored in this paper will open after half a year, and the fruit will still be full. Another kind of fresh-keeping paper can keep citrus fresh for 3 months and litchi fresh for more than 30 days

5. Greening

in the green environmental protection revolution, packaging waste usually adopts recycling, reuse and fuel oilization technology, but for flexible composite plastic film, classified recycling and reuse is still a big problem, while the dioxide or heavy metal harmful substances discharged by burning or landfill treatment are still polluting the environment. Therefore, foreign countries have carried out research and developed environmentally friendly films

a British company has developed a green paper that can replace foam plastics as packing material. There are many small cracks on it, which occupy less space. When the paper roll is opened, it becomes a three-dimensional honeycomb, with an area of 10 times that of the original. It can play the role of buffer liner, and is suitable for filling and maintaining packaged goods. The paper roll is made of recycled fiber and can be recycled and reused; When discarded, it can be biodegradable. The carrot paper developed in the UK takes carrot as the base material, adds appropriate thickener, plasticizer and water resistant agent, and uses the new optimized and updated natural color of carrot recycled plastic granulator to make edible color vegetable paper with low price and high quality. This product can be used as individual (inner) packaging of boxed food or directly used as convenience food. It can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also enhance the beauty of food and increase consumers' interest and appetite. Carrot paper is a kind of edible color paper, which has strong flexibility and certain water resistance, packaging function and edible function. If we can further improve the strength and plasticity, improve the surface (texture) and make products of various shapes (boxes, bowls, etc.), we can further expand its use, better protect the environment and provide a new way for the deep processing of vegetables

there is also a brand-new special packaging paper for plmex food in the European and American markets. It is 100% pure pulp, free of fluorescent agents and chemicals harmful to human body, and has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance, adhesion resistance and heat resistance (high temperature from 200 ℃ to 250 ℃). It is easy to use, easy to clean, safe and hygienic, and meets the food hygiene standards of FDA and BGA in Germany. The special paper for food can be recycled after being washed with water and can be reused for 50 times. This kind of food paper can be rolled or pressed into various paper cup shapes. Whether it is used for steaming, baking and microwave heating, it will not deform and fade

v. from the perspective of packaging personality

1. Large packaging

at present, there are many large bottle packaging products in the beverage market, and the price has decreased a lot, so as to attract customers. In major supermarkets, a large number of 1.25l-2.5l bottled water is still packaged in large bottles of carbonated and fruit juice drinks, which are displayed in a conspicuous place on the counter, and the price has a downward trend. In Jiangsu, Chongqing and Hebei, the retail price of Kangshifu 1.5L fruit juice series decreased from 5.8-6.2 yuan/bottle to 4.9 yuan/bottle. For another example, in the large supermarket in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, the 2l sprite occupies most of the shelves of carbonated beverages. The price is about 5.8 yuan/bottle. At the same time, a 500ml bottle of pure water from shuisenhuo is presented. In autumn and winter, merchants increase efforts to promote large bottle packaging. First, large bottles are suitable for families to buy, eliminating the trouble of repeated purchase. At the same time, they are the first choice to buy drinks during festivals. Second, the price of large bottled drinks this year is relatively low, which brings more benefits to consumers. Third, beverage enterprises earn profits at low prices. Although the prices of Master Kang, Wahaha and Sprite have decreased, their sales volume has increased in the off-season

2. Cluster

cluster packaging makes canned drinks a kind of goods with high quality, low price and easy to carry. The bundle packaging specifications of canned drinks on the market are mostly 12 and 24, which are the most common. The natural coconut juice of Hainan coconut group is packaged in 4 bundles. The cluster packaging method of natural coconut juice of coconut tree group is to cut out a round hole consistent with the can body on a piece of PE film according to the size of the product can body, and then put it on the position of the product can body close to the can mouth to play a fixed role. At the same time, it is also on one side of PE film

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