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Demand analysis of ink market

water based ink has been used in corrugated boxes for quite a long time abroad and for decades at home. With the change of market demand, printing products have developed from simple font printing to hierarchical and dot printing, printing machines have developed from monochrome split machine to four-color and five color integrated computer control machine, and printing plates have developed from rubber plate to resin plate, As one of the six major printing bases, building four refining bases is an inevitable trend to adapt to the clustering and scope of the global petrochemical industry. The ink has also developed from the low-grade ink of rosin maleic acid modified resin series to the high-grade ink of acrylic resin series. Due to the important and special position of ink in printing, The future development of ink must meet the following aspects:

accounts for about 4% of the utilization proportion of vanadium (primary title). The formula composition must be safe and environmentally friendly

with the deepening of people's understanding of the pollution affecting environmental change, relevant international organizations and governments are actively taking measures to protect the environment on which mankind depends, and have successively formulated a series of laws and regulations to strengthen the control and reduction of pollutant emission. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the requirements of environmental load, the supplier shall ensure that the ink provided is safe and environmentally friendly, and must meet and meet the requirements of the "environmental load material management" system. The ink provided must meet the requirements of environmental load, that is, ensure that the total amount of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent cadmium) prohibited in the ink is less than 100ppm, but cadmium is prohibited below 5ppm. For products now exported to Europe, the United States and other markets, the ink used must meet the requirements of environmental load, otherwise it is difficult to enter its market. In the future, the restrictions in this regard will be more and more strict, which is also a major event for the benefit of future generations

(first level title) change the ideological concept

the traditional concept is that suppliers make more money for themselves as much as possible, and the user units reduce the price and reduce the cost as much as possible, so as to achieve their own profit. However, with the development and change of the economic market, in order to cooperate for a long time, the concept of unilateral profit must be changed to the concept of mutual profit. From the perspective of the demander's demand, the supplier should change the service and sales form, provide different products and services, help customers solve problems in production, and provide and help customers train correct operation methods. The demander should also cooperate with the supplier as much as possible, so that both the demander and the demander regard each other as customers and meet the needs of customers as much as possible, so as to achieve the win-win goal of the company's development of a variety of polycarbonate mixtures

(first level title) change of service form

due to the increasingly fierce market competition, the orders of customers are gradually moving towards the trend of less quantity and more varieties, and the ink has also changed into the trend of more colors and less batches. Therefore, timely and accurate service has become extremely important. How to achieve customer satisfactory service

it is necessary to provide 24-hour on-site service. The working time is the same as that of the user. It is on call and timely service

when purchasing, try to ensure zero inventory and reduce the cost of purchasing and warehouse management

suppliers can help users solve practical problems in production from a professional perspective and help guide the use of correct operation methods

strengthen the communication between the supply and demand sides, and the two sides regularly review the existing problems, so as to achieve the purpose of common progress

(first level title) consideration of cost

provide appropriate price according to demand, so as to be acceptable to both parties. Now there is no huge profit in ink. The demander should consider more from the aspect of quality. It accounts for a small proportion in the cost of cartons, but it has a great impact on the printing effect. It should be measured from the gain and loss of overall interests

both the supplier and the demander should reduce the color as much as possible. The use of ink is mainly the actual printing use and the loss of upper and lower machines. Each time, the loss of upper and lower machines loses 1 ~ 3kg of ink (different machines), accounting for a large proportion. Reducing the color can reduce the loss of upper and lower machines and reduce the cost

the supplier shall properly adjust the formula and the operation parameters of the demander, so as to reduce the actual ink consumption per unit area of printing and the actual ink consumption

(first level title) requirements for quality

with the improvement of people's requirements for packaging and the requirements of users, the requirements for ink quality are higher and higher. We should not only meet the basic requirements, but also adapt to the needs of paper changes, environmental changes and overcome machine abnormalities. The overall development is in the direction of high concentration, low viscosity, stability and strong adaptability

(secondary title) basic technical performance

viscosity: there are differences among machines and environments, The general conditions are as follows: (Note: No. 4 chaishi cup)

printing items full page ordinary points

ink viscosity 23 (21 ~ 25) 21 (19 ~ 23) 19 (17 ~ 21)

pH value: 8.5 ~ 9.5

hue: take the color card as the standard

coloring power: 95% ~ 105%

initial dryness: 5 ~ 15 microns

wear resistance: ≥ 70%

fineness: ≤ 20 microns

water resistance: ≥ Level 3

shelf life: 12 months, The ink is not easy to swell, flocculate and precipitate within the warranty period

Packaging: the ink barrel and cover must be clean every time, and there must be obvious labels indicating product name, number, weight and production date

good stability, not easy to blister, and all kinds of resistance meet the requirements

content of heavy metals and harmful solvents: it meets the green environmental protection standard

and has no adverse effect on the printing plate, roller and machine

generally, inks are divided into three grades: high, medium and low. At present, low-grade inks are rarely used. The commonly used judgment standards for high and medium-grade inks are as follows:

high-grade inks (all imported acrylic resin series water-based inks) medium-grade inks (domestic acrylic resin series water-based inks)

excellent ink dispersion

excellent printing adaptability, almost no stacking plug in the printing process, and full printing is plump and good, Plate stacking and blocking are rare in the printing process, The fullness of full-size printing is generally good

excellent friction resistance

moderate dryness

good stability

good light resistance

excellent water resistance

good color rendering

good gloss generally

water miscibility is infinitely miscible in water and miscible in water

excellent frost resistance (suitable for packaging and printing requiring freezing) generally

(secondary title) Other aspects

need to be easy to clean and non irritating

can adapt to seasonal changes

has certain adaptability. The requirements of high brightness, fast drying and strong wear resistance can enable the printing and polishing to be completed at one time (at present, most manufacturers still have difficulties, which need to be solved by the supplier)

different formulas are formulated according to different machines to meet different needs

maintain stability:

ensure the color consistency before and after a batch of production and between different batches

attention must be paid to the standardization of color card making and storage, and regular replacement should be paid to ensure its accuracy as a standard

proper storage and actual fine adjustment of ink production formula (according to the changes of environment, paper, machine, etc.)

(first level title) supplier selection and assessment

suppliers should choose large companies with strong strength as far as possible in order to ensure sufficient supply and strong technical support, especially technical strength; The actual assessment of suppliers should be carried out regularly to understand the changes of suppliers in time, and communication can be strengthened to improve each other

China's ink market is in a stage of rapid development and differentiation, and the demand is increasing. Ink producers and users should cooperate closely to improve printing quality and meet people's needs

source: Global corrugated box industry

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